Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten - April (Playtime)

April - Going Green!

Play Time

Sandbox Fun - Here are some activities to use when playing in the sandbox. If you don't have a sandbox, fill a box lid, pie plate or small tub with pebbles, water, packing peanuts, salt or bird seed.

-Pour items from one cup to another.
-Guess how many handfuls, cupfuls or spoonfuls it will take to fill different size containers.
-If using sand, smooth and flatten out. Practice writing letters, numbers or shapes with a stick or fingers.

Touch and Talk Walk - Take a walk. Touch and talk about stones, leaves, puddles, and flowers. Take the time to look closely and explore all of the details of the different things you see on the walk.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce - Use plastic water or soda bottles, twig, string and bird feed.
First: Punch holes on either side of the plastic bottle, near the bottom.
Second: Stick a twig all the way through with its ends sticking out for perches.
Third: Poke several more holes nearby each perch for the birds to pull the seed out.
Fourth: Fill the bottle with bird seed.
Fifth: Hang the bottle by taking a spring around the neck of the bottle making a loop.
Enjoy watching the birds that will visit your feeder!

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