Monday, July 20, 2009

What Makes A Good Toy?

The greatest benefits of a toy are the joy and self-esteem that children experience when they play with it. One carefully selected toy can do so much for a child; the right toy can literally help them discover a love of learning! A well-chosen toy has certain aspects that make it valuable to a child’s growth:

• The toy can be used in several different ways.
• Children can power the toy with their own ideas and imagination.
• The toy can grow with the child through more than one developmental stage.
• The toy has lots of developmental play value.
• The toy encourages open-ended play. (There is no one “right” answer or way to use the toy…it allows lots of room for a child’s own creative thinking to come into play.)
• The toy engages children’s interest beyond a few minutes – they will continue playing with it.
• The toy is fun, safe, durable, and attractive.

Humans are blessed with natural curiosity and the desire to explore the world around them. Nurturing, loving environments, communication, having lots of room to run, and the availability of good toys are essential for that natural process of discovery to thrive– and this results in healthy, happy children!

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