Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The DT Catalog

There are some great resources in the Discovery Toys Catalog. These resources will help you pick out the just right toys for the children in your life.

DT Learning Pathways
Our toys support these Learning Pathways, leading to school rediness, self confidence, and academic success.

  • Exploration - sensory stimulation, experimentation, music, science, dramatic play, social & emotional
  • Motor Skills - fine & gross motor, hand-eye coordination
  • Thinking - cause & effect, problem solving, strategy, construction
  • Math - computation, logic, size & shape, spatial relationships
  • Reading & Language - comprehension, vocabulary, communicatin
  • Expression - writing, arts, crafts, color exploration

Autism & Discovery Toys
Discovery Toys are designed to target the most commonly shared learning difficulties for children with autism. Children with autism tend to experience several broad areas of significant difficulty.
Every toy in our catalog has an Autism Symbol that corresponds with the specific learning each toy supports. Use the key code below to choose the most appropriate toy for your child.

  • a. Toys to develop independent play with some limited instruction.
  • b. Toys that promote sustained engagement.
  • c. Toys that build skills for cooperative play.
  • d. Toys that create opportuinites for children to talk about the play experience.
  • e. Toys with obvious completion criteria.
  • f. Toys that encourage pretend play.

Learning Styles
Look for the Learning Styles next to the age range for each product. Select products with multiple Learning Styles to engage all the senses.

  • A - Auditory (sound)
  • K - Kinesthetic (Touch & Movement)
  • V - Visual (sight)

If you have any questions about any of these, please contact me. I would also be more than happy to send you a catalog, just email me with your address at


Debbi Andersen said...

great information! And well written :)

Tip-Tops said...

Oh! The autism coding is new. I LOVE that!!

I remember giving the learning style quiz at shows. :0) I'm a kinesthetic learner.