Monday, December 7, 2009

What Shall We Give the Children?

What shall we give the children?
Christmas is almost here.
Toys, and games, and playthings,
As we do every year?

Yes, for the magic of toyland
Is part of the Yuletide lore
To gladden the heart of childhood.
But I shall give something more.

I shall give them more patience,
A more sympathetic ear,
A little more time for laughter,
Or tenderly dry a tear.

I shall take time to teach them
The joy of doing some task.
I’ll try to find time to answer
More of the questions they ask.

Time to read books together,
And take longs walks in the sun,
Time for a bedtime story
After the day is done.

I shall give these to my children,
Weaving a closer tie,
Knitting our lives together
With gifts money can’t buy.
 - Author Unknown

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Cara Retz

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