Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Discovery Toys Safety and Quality Q & A

What is PVC?
PVC refers to a type of plastic commonly used in many consumer products, including children’s toys. Some PVC products may contain PHTHALATES, which is a chemical additive that makes PVC soft.

Are there regulations as to how much PVC can be in a product?
Yes, the United States has passed legislation that limits the amount of Phthalates that can be present in children’s toys. Similar legislation is currently under review in Canada.

Discovery Toys works closely with our manufacturers to ensure the materials used in our toys meet or exceed the allowable limit set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We have our products tested to these standards prior to shipping.

Do your plastic toys contain PVC?
Discovery Toys products are not necessarily PVC; however, all of our toys do meet the safety requirements for Phthalates set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If you have questions about this or any other safety topic please send them to: safety@discoverytoys.net.

Be safe with DT quality Toys.

by: Rosie Alonso, Discovery Toys Quality Assurance

posted by:
Cara Retz
Educational Leader, Discovery Toys

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