Monday, July 5, 2010

Play Diet - Construction

So far in the Play Diet Serise, we have talked about Books/Music/Reading and Puzzles & Patterns. This week, we will take a look at the next group: Construction.

Using a variety of items to build anything their imagination can dream up is wonderful for thinking outside the box, problem solving and lots of open ended playtime. A must for boys and girls.

Older babies and toddlers love to play with blocks and stacking things of all kinds, including My Busy Day and Measure Up! Cups. Castle Marbleworks is also fun because they get to build a simple castle and then watch the marbles race to the bottom.

Preschoolers will enjoy the challenge of the Rock the Boat Balance Puzzle trying to put it together just right before it tips over. They will also enjoy figuring out other ways to stack the pieces. Bright Builders and Bright Builders Plus is a great open-ended construction toy. They are limited to what they can build only by their imagination! They can make anything from a makeup case and a person to flowers and buildings.

Jawbones is a perfect next step for your school aged kids where they will have hours of fun building things like cars, space ships and boats. Marbleworks is a fun construction toy as well where they can build and race the marbles to the bottom. There is also endless fun to be had with Zip Track. They can build a variety of tracks to race cars around.

Take some time to enjoy construction with your child whether you are building a block tower, making a fun craft or building a race track. If you need more suggestions or have questions about how you can incorporate it into your child's play, don't hesitate to email me.

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Cara Retz
Educational Leader, Discovery Toys

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