Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Spotlight - Try-Angle

#1451   $30.00

Twist, turn, whirl and twirl! This portable, foldable hands-on activity center intrigues tiny eyes, ears and fingers. Try-Angle features 5 sides each with different colorful parts to observe, listen to and manipulate. Lay flat for early tummy time; then, as baby grows, fold for sit-up or tabletop play. 19.5" x 7" (50 cm x 18 cm) flat.

good for Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic learners
Learning Pathways: 6 months to toddler

Exploration, Thinking Skills, Motor Skills

-Develop small motor dexterity by encouraging baby to move, turn, spin, push and twist individual moveable parts
-Identify colors, shapes and patterns
-View and recognize self in a mirror
-Listen for different sounds created and experience cause and effect as parts move, turn, spin, push and twist
-Experience different visual stimuli in each activity area, from moving objects on a track, to spinning objects on a rod, to twisting a disc in place, and more
-Grows with baby from tummy time, to sit-up play, to standing at a tabletop!

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Cara Retz
Educational Leader, Discovery Toys

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