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Getting Ready for Kindergarten - July (Activity a Day)

July - Water Fun

1st - Draw a star on a piece of paper. Have your child color the star blue.
2nd - Trace the letters in July.
3rd - Visit the library. Check out a book about celebrating July 4th.
4th - Count the number of stars and stripes on the American Flag.
5th - Name and point to parts of the body; eyebrows, neck, chin, ankles, and thigh.
6th - Play hopscotch. Say the numbers as you hop on them.
7th - National Chocolate Day! - Make something chocolate and enjoy.
8th - Play a game of leap frog together. Measure how far your child can hop.
9th - Paint the side of the house, drive way or sidewalk with a bucket of water and a sponge.
10th - TV Off Day! - Read a favorite book or play a game together.
11th - Talk with your child about ways to make new friends.
12th - Do exercises together. Reach for the sky, touch the ground, twist around.
13th - Pour water back and forth from different size cups over a sink or outside. What happens?
14th - Practice spelling you last name. Then practice writing it.
15th - Hold a can of soup in one hand and a piece of paper in the other. Which weights more?
16th - Go outside with a bucket of water and a sponge. Toss the wet sponge back and forth.
17th - Make a list of words that start with the sound of /w/, like water.
18th - Practice using scissors. Cut pictures from ads to make a summer collage.
19th - Play "I Spy" outside. What can you spy that is blue?
20th - Find shadows outside. Trace your child's shadow with chalk on the sidewalk.
21st - National Hot Dog Day - Eat a hot dog with all the things you like!
22nd - Sing the Alphabet Song.
23rd - Play a hiding game. Take turns hiding objects in, on and under things.
24th - Star gaze at night. What shapes can you see?
25th - Make your favorite colored jello together. Try blue - do you like it?
26th - Bounce a ball. How many times can you bounce it in a row?
27th - Do jumping jacks. How many can you do?
28th - Make a list of summer words like flip flops, sand, popsicle, and sun.
29th - Go outside and blow bubbles. Use different size wands to experiment.
30th - Sing Row-Row-Row Your Boat

Don't forget to share your favorite activities!

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