Friday, August 21, 2009

Child Development - The Toddler Years

1-3 Toddler Years

At this age, your child is becoming more independent and curious. You’ll also notice comical “mini-me” behavior as your child begins to imitate your words and actions.
Such fun-filled pretend play has a special purpose: it’s critical for building your child's symbolic thinking. As your child imitates you, he or she is trying your behaviors on for size while also attempting to establish a self separate from you.

Parenting your 1-3 year-old child
Your child loves building things, taking things apart, and putting them back together, so be sure to engage your child with lots of construction toys and puzzles in addition to simple picture books, musical toys, and recordings. Also important are toys for outdoor play that promote gross motor skills. And don’t forget to offer “grown-up” looking toys your child can use as you and your little helper work together to complete tasks in and around the home: a realistic-looking play phone, tools just like in the workroom, and child-size kitchen utensils for pretend cooking and experimentation. At the end of your long day, turn on some music and dance your cares away!

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