Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Games from Around the World - Pakistan

Country - Pakistan
Game - Ounch Neech

Many cities in Pakistan are bustling places, full of vivid colors and lots of people. Given the chance to break out of the crowd, Pakistani children, much like American kids, love to laugh and shout their way through a rousing game of tag.

Players: Four or more; ages 5 and up
What You'll Need: An outdoor space with lots of obstacles like tree stumps, a slide, a swing, rocks, or sturdy benches.
How to Play: The game begins with one child as "It." He chooses either ounch (up) or neech (down). If he chooses neech, then the ground is not safe; runners can be tagged out unless they are ounch, up on something like a stump or a rock. The opposite is true as well: If "It" chooses ounch, then the ground is safe so everyone remains on terra firma. Of course, children quickly realize that it's boring to stay only in the safe zones. The first person tagged becomes "It" for the next round of the game. Great fun, great exercise, and a great way to burn energy.

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