Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skill Focus: Visual Discrimination

What it is:
The ability to visually tell the difference between two or more things.

Why it's important:
Visual discrimination is a foundation piece for reading and math success. In order to tell the difference of a "b" from a "d" or a "p" from a "q" or "3 dots" from "5 dots" or many geometric shapes and patterns, children need to be able to look at differences they see and sort and classify them in their minds. We can begin to teach these skills at a very young age with many of our products.

Busy Bugs
Can you put the spider on the spider and the fly on the fly? Look carefully at the details to tell which is which! How about the red bugs from the orange bugs? Similar colors require even more visual discrimination!
#2109   $20.00

Playful Patterns
Sort the colors, sort the shapes, what pieces do you need to build the boat or the caterpillar? One to one matching of the shapes on simpler patterns build those visual skills leading to more advanced skills needed for the castle and other shapes.
#2930   $22.50

Sunshine Market
It's a shape sorter in disguise! Is that a lemon? Well, yes, but it's a circle too! That cheese? Yep, a triangle I see! Match color pieces to color doors or, for more of a challenge, match to the squares in the top. All are red so you really have to use your visual discrimination skills to tell which is which!
#1530   $25.00

It's a Match
Perfect travel buddy for mastering visual discrimination. What direction is that shoe facing? What fruit is that? What does that piece belong to? All these engaging pages lead not only to problem solving but require careful examination of the pictures. Take with you in the car or to church as a quiet activity for fun, on the go brain boosting!
#2027   $25.00

Cara Retz
Educational Leader, Discovery Toys

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