Wednesday, May 5, 2010

10 Ways You Are Making a Better World Now

Mom, the little things you do daily aren't so little. When you add them all up, they make one better world for those around you.

Comfort. There's nothing like a mother's kiss or a friend's hug to tell someone they're important. Now what's more world changing than that?

Create. You make snacks. You make blanket forts. You make babies, for cryin' out loud! Your partnership in God's creative process makes some pretty amazing results.

Encourage. The "Good jobs!" and "You did its!" you hand out a zillion times a day land on the ears of your kids, friends and spouse - sprinkling life and hope into others.

Help. "Mommy! Can you _________?" Fill in the blank: Get me a drink? Put on Barbie's dress? Wipe my bottom? Need I say more?

Recycle. We're not just talking soda cans here. All those hand-me-downs and thrify mom moves you make help more than the bank account, they also reduce waste.

Read. You might not read the NY Times daily (or you might), but every Curious George or Fancy Nancy story you read begins a process of lifelong learning for your child, not to mention some stellar brain development.

Beautify. From waterin ga garden to singing nursery rhymes, you add your special touch to the world around you - leaving your unique imprint on other's hearts.

Laugh. Ticks and peek-a-boo games and knock-knock jokes that don't make any sense teach your kids that life can be fun and, depeding on the joke, that laughing is a choice.

Teach. Who teaches the world to eat with a spoon, say please and thank-you, and to brush their teeth? By "the world" I mean everyone from "Astronauts to Zookeepers."

Pray. Those shout-out in the wee hours of the night are not just noticed, they're heard by God who loves you. They change your heart - and that really does make a better world.

written by: Alexandra Kuykendall
taken from MomSense May/June 2010, MOPS Int.

posted by:
Cara Retz
Educational Leader, Discovery Toys

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