Monday, January 17, 2011

Make A Book!

Need something new and fun to do inside on cold days?  Help your child make a book!

Have your child draw pictures, or help your child cut pictures from magazines, catalogs, newspaper ads, of something he or she likes.  It could be a toy, a favorite food, a person, a pet, or something seen out the window.

After each picture is on a page, have your child tell you about the picture and write what is said on the page. Read it back to your child, pointing to each word.  Ask if that is what your child wants it to say.

If you have more than one picture, do the same for each.

If you have construction paper, put a piece on the front and back and staple or hole punch it and string the pages together. Ask your child what they want the name of their book to be. Write that on the cover.

Tell your child that she is the author, as you print her name on the book.

Explain the name of the book is the title, and the child's name is the author. This is the beginning concept for your child to learn. As you read books to your child, tell them the title is.... and the author is....

Have fun with books!

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Cara Retz
Team Leader, Discovery Toys

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MyPictureTeddyBear said...

Parents should involve themselves more in the playtime of their children, and what a better way than arts and crafts like this. Great post.