Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten - May (Play Time)

May - Rhyme Time

Play Time

Musical Shaker
Use - plastic bottle and uncooked rice, popcorn kernels, dried beans, pebbles or old buttons
First: Clean and dry plastic bottle
Second: Fill bottle with a little or a lot of an item
Third: Securely close the lid
Fourth: Use the shaker to keep the beat as you say rhymes.
Experiment with different bottles putting different amounts and items in each bottle. Which sound do you like best?

Tug A Bug
Use - Egg carton, cotton balls, crayons, pipe cleaners, color paper, glue, yarn and any other fun materials.
First: Using the egg carton as the body of your insect, have adult cut apart the egg carton
Second: Decorate your bugs however you would like
Third: Add a piece of yarn and tog your bug around town
Fourth: Add several pieces of carton together with pieces of yarn to make a longer bug

Things to Look & Listen For
Color: purple
Numbers: 1-10
Letter Sounds: H, h & M, m
Shape: circle
Sight Words: the, big, ten
Words to Talk About and Use: rhyme, music, vocabulary

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