Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten - May (Activity a Day)

May - Rhyme Time

1st - Parent: Draw any size circle on a piece of paper. Child: Color the cirlce purple.
2nd - Make up silly words that rhyme with your name.
3rd - Make a list of words that rhyme with big.
4th - Trace the letters in the word May.
5th - Cinco de Mayo - Learn to count to five in Spanish
6th - Check out a nursery rhyme book from the Library
7th - Can you list 15 words that start with the /h/ sound?
8th - Dance to fun music. Clap to the beat.
9th - Start a nursery rhyme and have your child finish it.
10th - Play Simon Says. Focus on moving different parts of the body.
11th - Go outside and hop like a bunny, jump like a frog.
12th - Limerick Day - Check out a book of limericks from the library.
13th - Brainstorm words that rhyme with May.
14th - Go on a letter m hunt! How many did you find?
15th - Jack jumped over the candlestick. What can you go over and under?
16th - Practice tying your shoes.
17th - Count groups of 10. Use different objects like pennies.
18th - Memorize a nursery rhyme. Recite it for a friend.
19th - Circus Day - What animals might you see at a circus?
20th - Use magnetic letters to spell your name on the refrigerator.
21st - Name foods that are purple.
22nd - Point out letters from your child's name as you read a book.
23rd - TV Off Day! - Read a favorite book or play a game.
24th - Praise your child when you see them sharing.
25th - Help fold clothes and count how many you have folded.
26th - Play a card game such as Memory or Go Fish.
27th - Print this list off. Circle the word rhyme on the list. How many did you find?
28th - Find things around the house that are shaped like a triangle, square and circle.
29th - Sing the alphabet song.
30th - Make up a sentence with as many /m/ words as you can.
31st - Practice saying your phone number and address.

I'd love to hear about all the activities you did together throughout the month, so be sure to leave your comments!

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