Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Kindergarten - June (Activity a Day)

June - Safety First

1st - Parent: Draw any size octagon on a piece of paper. Child: Color the octagon red.

2nd - Trace the letters in word June.
3rd - Talk about all the things you can do with your hands; clap, wash, wave, draw, etc.
4th - Talk about why we should wear sunscreen and a hat when playing outside.
5th - What shape is a door? How many doors are in your house?
6th - Count from 1 to 20. Can you count any higher?
7th - Write your first name. Remember to start with a capital letter.
8th - Sit outside at night and listen to all of the sounds. Make a list of the different sounds.
9th - Why do we wear seatbelts?
10th - Are your child's immunizations up to date?
11th - Help your child learn their address and phone number.
12th - Walk barefood in the grass. How does it feel?
13th - Make up a story with your child as the main character.
14th - Jump over a rope or line in the sidewalk.
15th - Take a bike ride. Wear your helmet.
16th - Make a list of things in your house that starts with the sound of /s/, like sink.
17th - How many smoke alarms do you have in your house? Make sure to check the batteries!
18th - Play at the park. Practice pumping your legs on the swing.
19th - What are the safety rules for your house?
20th - Spell your last name then practice writing it.
21st - Go on a shape hunt. How many circles can you find?
22nd - TV OFF DAY! - Read a favorite book or play a board game.
23rd - While driving in the car, talk about the different colors of a traffic light and what they mean.
24th - Play follow the leader, take turns being the leader.
25th - Sing the alphabet song.
26th - Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
27th - Can you name 3 safety rules?
28th - Practice crossing the street. Always look both ways.
29th - Pretend to be an animal that: hops, jumps, flies or crawls.
30th - When on a slide, talk about being at the top and going to the bottom.

What fun things did you do with your child this month to re-enforce safety rules? Share about the activities you did. I'd love to hear your stories!

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