Sunday, January 17, 2010

Characteristics of Autism by Age

* Poor eye contact
* Passive in social interactions
* Little facial expression, smiling, and/or emotional control when interacting with others
* Delayed babbling, infrequent vocalization, and decreased object manipulation
* Abnormal movements, little variety of movement in exploring new objects, poor muscle tone and motor coordination

* Infrequent or delayed response when name is called
* Infrequent monitoring of the direction of other's gaze
* Infrequent response to others' pointing gestures
* Infrequent attempts to point out or show objects of interest
* Infrequent smiling at others paired with eye contact
* Low variety of speech sounds and gestures during communication attempts
* Delayed language development
* Low variety of actions on toys
* Infrequent vocalization paired with eye contact
* Repetitive behaviors and interests
* Unusual sensory responses, such as being unable to tolerate the feel of grass on bare feet

* Infrequent imitation of others' actions
* Minimal display of interest in other children
* Infrequent attempts to share with others
* Limited range of facial expression
* Infrequent offering of comfort to others
* Low variety of words produced
* Repetitive behaviors
* Restricted interests
* Unusual sensory responses

If your child displays several of these, please talk to your doctor.  Early intervention is key to helping your child be the best they can be.

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