Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Product Spotlight - Discovery Fun Play House

Discovery Fun Play House
#2158 $100.00
(on sale for $90.00 until Feb. 6, 2010)

Four play spaces in one! It's a little red schoolhouse, a stylish restaurant, a puppet stage, and a pet hospital. Your child will enjoy countless hours of imaginative play and story crafting while strengthening language skills and social interactions. Parents can peek in mesh roof sides. Easy set-up in minutes. Includes opening for tunnel connection. 50" x 40" x 50" high.

Washable surface.

(K, V)  d  f
Learning Pathways: 3y-primary school
Key Benefits:
-Develop small and gross motor dexterity
-Enjoy imaginative play and story crafting with a School House, Restaurant, Pet Hospital and Theater
-Strenghten language skills and social interactions
-Associate play environments with real-life environments
-Experiment with positional concepts: in, out, on, under & through
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Cara Retz
Educational Leader, Discovery Toys

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