Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Kids Have Too Many Toys!!

It is all too common to hear from parents that their kids have too many toys and often don't play with any of them! The DT Toy Sort is a personal service we offer with a comprehensive, yet clear process to review the toys in use, edit and organize your toy assortment, and recommend possible teach/play toy solutions that can benefit and enhance your child's developmental skills.

Introducing: dt Toy Sort

The first thing an Educational Consultant will do is help you to determine how to find the "toy keepers" and the "toys you can do without" piles. This reveals a lot about how your child plays. More often than not, the toys in the "must keep" pile are open-ended and the "forgotten" pile are toys that don't do very much at all. This is a key point moving forward in the Toy Sort. This step sounds simple enough, however, many times the reason there are "so many toys" is that nothing has ever been put away after a child outgrows it. Consider how old rattles get tossed in with building blocks.

All toys are sorted, including the removal of any broken toys. Toys are packed away that are not age-appropriate - this includes toys that might be too old for the child as well. Toys that are too old can frustrate young children. Toys that are outgrown can be stored or passed along.

Toy storage is an important component to the Toy Sort. Having things categorized and having a place for each toy, is highly beneficial for the child. Not only does it make it easier for children to clean up when they are done; it also teaches them categorization skills. Clear labeled bins are a great choice (a photo works for pre-reading children) or open bins that children can see into and access easily. (Toy boxes are often seen as very sentimental but become bottomless pits. Use it as a costume box instead.)

Educational Consultants are a valuable resource in teaching parents about the developmental needs of children at every stage in their early growth. Many parents claim they have too many toys, but when the Toy Sort is complete, they have a much better picture of what they have and what is needed for their child's developmental stages. For example, a child may be missing puzzles or patterning toys that are important for a particular growth stage.

The goal of the Toy Sort Service is for parents and children to feel good about their playtime together. When a child can easily find his/her favorite toys and games, we as parents can focus on helping our children to learn through play. Children are also more likely to play on their own, an important skill to develop. You will be glad you took the time to tackle the task with your DT consultant as your partner. Ask us to do a Toy Sort with you soon.

If you are interested in having me help you with a Toy Sort, please contact me today to set up a time. I'd love to help you tame the toy monster in your home. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help!

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Cara Retz
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