Sunday, February 14, 2010

Play is the Business of Kids - Pt. 1

0 - 18 month age range

Perception: mobiles - hung over the crib about a foot from the baby's eye level, small fish tank placed near the crib, posters - pasted on the ceiling or walls, music boxes, wind chimes, toy mirrors
    DT Toy Suggestions: Lullabies Around The World CD, Sunny Sounds, Try-Angle

Manipulation of Objects (mouth and hand play): rattles, pounding and stacking toys, squeeze toys, teething toys, spoon in cup, floating tub toys, picture blocks, string of BIG beads, stuffed animals, balls
    DT Toy Suggestions: Rainfall Rattle, Super Yummy, Tangiball, Hammer Away, Giant Pegboard Activity Pack, My Busy Day, Bathtime Bugs,

Exploration (pushing buttons and pulling levers): crib-gym exercises, push-pull toys, small take-apart toys, pots and pans
    DT Toy Suggestions: Go-Go Caterpillar, Measure Up! Pots & Spoons, Play & Learn Snail, Working Trio, Roll & Play

Spacial Relationships, Shapes & Sizes: nested boxes or cups, blocks, large puzzles, plastic containers of different sizes
    DT Toy Suggestions: Measure Up! Cups, Giant Pegboard, Caterpillar Shape Sorter, Sunshine Market,

Cognition: books with rhymes, pictures, jingles, records, musical and chime toys
    DT Toy Suggestions: Match Up Hide & Seek, Match Up Ride & Go, Sounds Like Fun, Baby Grooves,

Locomotion: set of building blocks, large dolls, toys to crawl after, pounding toys
    DT Toy Suggestions: Hammer Away, My Busy Day, Tangiball

What Caregivers Can Do
Be available to play.
Respond to baby's sounds.
Smile at the baby. Let baby play with your fingers.
Talk with baby.
Play "pat-a-cake" and catch games.
Play "peek-a-boo," "bye-bye," and hiding games.
Make faces in a mirror.
Sing to baby.
Play at "losing" and finding things.
Name objects as you give them to the baby.

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