Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Play is the Business of Kids - Pt. 4

6 to 9 year olds

Social: board games, tabletop sport games, organized sports, hobby kits, kites, balls, skates, bikes
   DT Toy Suggestions: Friendship Island, A to Z Jr., Play to Be Safe, Marbleworks collection
Intellectual: dolls, toy typewriter, printing set, racing car, construction sets, science and craft kits, handicrafts, sports and hobbies, books, tapes, puzzles
    DT Toy Suggestions: Marbleworks collection, Think-It-Through Set, The Living World, Jawbones, Tricky Fingers
Spatial Relationships (moving confidently through space): large bicycles, ice and roller skates, pogo stick, scooter
   DT Toy Suggestions: Think-It-Through collection, Mosaic Mysteries
Creative Problem Solving: costumes, doll houses, play villages, miniature people and vehicles, magic sets, art materials
   DT Toy Suggestions: Fashion Friends, Discovery Fun Playhouse, Labyrinth, Tricky Fingers, Puzzle Island

What Caregivers Can Do
Be observant of children's play.
Ask "What did it look like?" and "What did it feel like?"
Play make-believe games.
Build things.
Play competitively at games and play situations.
Improvise imaginary characters and play situations.
Play theater and puppet dramas.
Encourage creative writing and poetry.
Play work games.
Attach names to objects.
Play sandlot sports.
Tell jokes and riddles.
Read to the children.
Let the children read to you.
Help children to organize and clarify things.
Take children to the library.

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